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9.32.7 Generic Preview URL Service Provider

In contrast to the generic URI template preview provider, the generic preview URL service provider does not provide the URL to the previewable content. Instead, the URL to an external preview URL service is provided, which is responsible to deliver the effective preview URL for the content.

The URL to the preview service is configured very similar to the generic URI template preview provider. The provided URL of the preview URL service is extended by client side runtime query parameters for example like this:

In this example, the full querystring was appended by the Studio client to the URL of the basic preview URL service ('').

The appended querystring is added at runtime and cannot be altered. An external preview URL service has to implement this 'contract'. This means, if the service has to support, for example, the preview date, it has to use the predefined date format and the query parameter name 'previewDate'.

Studio with multiple Previews

Figure 9.26.  Studio with multiple Previews

In order to enable the generic preview URL service provider, add a struct to the 'previews' array with these keys:


Freely choosable, unique preview ID, 'myPWAPreviewUrlService', for example




Non localized display name for the preview selection, 'PWA Preview', for example



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