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9.26.10 Synchronization Workflow Specifics

For the Synchronization Workflow, a custom merge strategy can be added to the merge strategy chooser of the Start Synchronization Workflow Panel.

This customization requires a change for the Studio client and the Workflow Server. The change for Studio client is described in this section, for customization of the workflow-server refer to Section, “ AutoMergeSyncAction in Blueprint Developer Manual .

Adding a merge strategy for a synchronization workflow on the Studio client side is simply done via the WorkflowLocalizationRegistry as shown in the following example.

import CustomSyncWorkflow_properties from "./CustomSyncWorkflow_properties";
import { workflowLocalizationRegistry } from "@coremedia/studio-client.workflow-plugin-models/WorkflowLocalizationRegistry";

    displayName: CustomSyncWorkflow_properties.newMergeStrategy_displayName,
    description: CustomSyncWorkflow_properties.newMergeStrategy_description

Example 9.110. Adding a New Merge Strategy

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