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Studio Developer Manual / Version 2310

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9.23.2 Adding Custom Notifications

On several occasions, CoreMedia Studio shows notifications (see also Section 2.7, “Notifications” in Studio User Manual). It is easily possible to add your own custom notifications to CoreMedia Studio. In the following the necessary steps are described.

For your server-side module where you want to create a notification, make sure you add a Maven dependency on notification-api. This module contains the NotificationService API.

Also, make sure that your Web-App as a whole has a Maven dependency on com.coremedia.cms:notification-elastic. This module contains an Elastic Core based implementation of the NotificationService. For the Blueprint Studio Web-App this is already taken care of by the extension module notification-elastic-studio-lib. By default, the provided NotificationService uses mongoDb.

Finally, take care of declaring a NotificationService Spring bean, either via component scan or explicit declaration.

For the Studio client side, you have to add the dependency @coremedia/studio-client.main.notification-studio-client to the package where you want to develop new notification UIs.

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