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Studio Developer Manual / Version 2310

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9.28.9 Keywords Integration for Feedback Hub

Feedback Hub offers an API to connect external systems to CoreMedia that provide keywords for selected content. The connection from CoreMedia to the external system is called Adapter.

If an Adapter is implemented and configured as shown below, it appears in the configured tab of Feedback Hub window (how to configure tabs can be found here: Section 9.28.2, “Adapter Configuration”). In the tab the user has the possibility to trigger a request for keywords. The user guide for Feedback Hub can be found here: Section 4.7.7, “Getting Keyword Recommendations” in Studio User Manual.

In order to connect CoreMedia to an external system, it is necessary to implement the interfaces FeedbackHubAdapterFactory, BlobKeywordsFeedbackHubAdapter and FeedbackHubErrorCode in a studio-lib extension. Furthermore, a settings content item must be provided that configures where (for which ContentType) and what keyword feedback (which external system) is shown (see Section 9.28.2, “Adapter Configuration”).

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