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Studio Developer Manual / Version 2310

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10.3.1 Additional Upgrade Steps for Versions Prior to 2110.1

To ease the upgrade process from CKEditor 4 to CKEditor 5 CoreMedia Content Cloud 2110 is prepared for the update. If upgrading from versions before that, you may have to apply some more changes to your existing CKEditor 4 integration:

Release Note for CMS-18571

The following modules have been moved to the new npm package @coremedia/​studio-client.​main.​ckeditor4-components:

  • LinkAction.ts

  • LinkActionBase.ts

  • PasteContentAction.ts

  • PasteContentActionBase.ts

  • AddCKEditorPluginsPlugin.ts

  • AddCKEditorPluginsPluginBase.ts

  • CoreMediaRichTextArea.ts

  • CoreMediaRichTextAreaBase.ts

  • CustomizeCKEditorPlugin.ts

  • RemoveCKEditorPluginsPlugin.ts

  • RemoveCKEditorPluginsPluginBase.ts

  • CKEditor_properties.ts

  • PropertiesAction.ts

  • PropertiesActionBase.ts

  • RichTextAction.ts

  • RichTextActionBase.ts

  • RichTextActionToggleButton.ts

  • RichTextMenuCheckItem.ts

  • RichTextMenuCheckItemBase.ts

  • RichTextMenuItem.ts

  • TableAction.ts

  • TableActionBase.ts

  • TeaserOverlayPropertyField.ts

  • TeaserOverlayPropertyFieldBase.ts

  • TeaserOverlayStyleSelectorBase.ts

  • RichTextPropertyField.ts

  • RichTextPropertyFieldBase.ts

  • RichTextArea.ts

Note, that for versions prior to CoreMedia Content Cloud 2110 you also have to apply the Studio Client to TypeScript Migration as described in the Upgrade Guide that ships with CoreMedia Content Cloud 2110.

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