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9.26.4 Additional Workflow List Actions

Workflow lists are shown in the Main Studio Control Room and in the overview of the Workflow App. Depending on the concrete list, these lists contain tasks or processes. In each case, actions can be performed on the current selection of workflow objects. These actions are either tied to toolbar buttons (Control Room) or to menu items (Workflow App). Using WorkflowPlugin#workflowListActions additional actions can be added in these places. Each WorkflowObjectListAction is defined in terms of the following parameters:


The action's text.


The action's tooltip.


The action's icon given as an SVG icon. For the use of SVG icons, the same prerequisites as described in Section 9.5.1, “Localizing Types and Fields” apply.

handler: (workflowObjects: Array<WorkflowObject>) => void

The action's handler function. It receives the selected workflow objects as a parameter.


If this parameter is set, a confirmation dialog with this message is displayed upon triggering the action.


This parameter only comes into play if confirmMessage is set. It sets the title of the confirmation dialog. If not set, a default title is displayed.

computeActionState: (workflowObjects: Array<WorkflowObject>) => { disabled: boolean, hidden: boolean }

This function computes the action's state in terms of its disabled and hidden status. The workflow object selection is given as a parameter.

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