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Studio Developer Manual / Version 2310

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9.18 Re-Using Studio Tabs For Better Performance

As stated in sectionSection 9.17, “Work Area Tabs”, CoreMedia Studio organizes working items in a so called WorkArea. The WorkArea is an Ext JS TabPanel with tabs containing currently opened working items, for example (content) content forms, commerce forms or singleton items like the Studio Dashboard. Normally, each working item is created and rendered as a separate tab.

As a WorkArea tab can be a very complex component (for example, a content form with various subtabs, collapsible subpanels and heavyweight property editors like richtext fields or image editors), its lifecycle management from creation to destruction can be quite costly. To increase performance you can reuse tabs for multiple working items instead of creating new tabs over and over again. You have to use the Studio plugin ReusableDocumentFormTabsPlugin.



Currently, this possibility is only implemented for content form tabs that display content items: Premulars.

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