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9.5.7 Client-side initialization of new content items

With a content initializer you can initialize the properties of a newly created content item. A content initializer will be called while a new content object is being created by the NewContentAction. Only one initializer can be defined for each content type. You must register custom initializers with the global @coremedia/studio-client.main.editor-components/sdk/editorContext. Simply call the registerContentInitializer(contentTypeName, initializer) method.

The following code defines a simple initializer that sets the content's language property to German by default:

import StudioPlugin from "@coremedia/studio-client.main.editor-components/configuration/StudioPlugin";
import IEditorContext from "@coremedia/studio-client.main.editor-components/sdk/IEditorContext";
import ContentInitializer from "@coremedia-blueprint/studio-client.main.blueprint-forms/util/ContentInitializer";
import Content from "@coremedia/studio-client.cap-rest-client/content/Content";

class MyStudioPlugin extends StudioPlugin{


  init(editorContext: IEditorContext): void {
    editorContext.registerContentInitializer("CMTeaser", MyStudioPlugin.initLanguage);

  static initLanguage(content:Content):void {
    ContentInitializer.setProperty(content, "locale", "de");

Example 9.28. Defining a content initializer

Client-side initialization might be sufficient for simple initialization scenarios. If you have complex requirements, consider using server-side initialization: Refer to Section 9.21.2, “Intercepting Write Requests” for details.

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