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Studio Developer Manual / Version 2310

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3.1 Connecting to the Repository

CoreMedia Studio needs to know the URL of the Content Server to connect to and the URL of the preview server. To this end, adjust the repository.url property in WEB-INF/ of the Studio web application and let it point to your Content Management Server.


Alternatively, you may configure the URL to connect to by modifying the contentserver.* properties in the same file.

CoreMedia Studio also needs to know the URL of Apache Solr and the name of the index collection for searching the repository content. Configure the URL in the property solr.url and the name of the index collection in the property solr.content.collection in the same file.


CoreMedia Studio needs an additional relational database connection to store editorial comments. The properties editorial.comments.datasource.url and editorial.comments.datasource.driver-class-name have to bet set according to the RDBMs to connect to. Furthermore, for each RDBMs there are differences in the configuration of the JDBC connection. For more details see Section 3.4, “Editorial Comments Database Configuration”.

CoreMedia Studio offers connectivity to the CoreMedia Workflow Server. Therefore, a Workflow Server has to run when starting CoreMedia Studio. If this is not desired, set the property repository.workflow.connect in the file WEB-INF/ to false.


Studio supports "Simple Publication" and "Two Step Publication" publication workflows. To use these workflows, upload the workflow definitions studio-simple-publication.xml and studio-two-step-publication.xml to the Workflow Server with the cm upload tool. See section Section, “Predefined Publication Workflows” in Blueprint Developer Manual for more information on these workflows.

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