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Studio Developer Manual / Version 2310

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9.35 Locale Switcher Configuration

The Locale Switcher is a combo box that is available on the toolbar of every content form. It allows to switch through the various localized variants of the current content. The Locale Switcher can be configured using the flags described in this section.


The Locale Switcher can be configured to be visible or hidden by default. The following example shows the configuration flag that is used to customize the visibility.

DocumentFormToolbarPlugin.LOCALE_SWITCHER_DISABLED = true | false;

Example 9.150. Locale Switcher Visibility Configuration

Document Hierarchy Resolving

To calculate the correct translation/synchronization relation between two contents, the correct way is resolving a contents' referrers and find the master content this way. Since this calculation can be expensive, the Locale Switcher simply resolves this relation using the site hierarchy instead. There are some setups though where especially the master content might be outside the site hierarchy, for example, when using a shared master content. For these setups, you can set the ASSUME_MASTER_IN_SITE_HIERARCHY flag to false to force the Locale Switcher to resolve the relation using the referrers.

ContentSiteUtil.ASSUME_STRICT_SITE_HIERARCHY = true | false;

Example 9.151. Locale Switcher Strict Hierarchy Flag

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