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9.26 Custom Workflows

This section describes the necessary steps to add new workflows to Studio. It is assumed that the corresponding new workflow definitions have already been added to the Workflow Server (see Workflow Manual). Certain specific requirements concerning the workflow definition are covered when discussing different topics throughout the chapter.

Currently, CoreMedia offers support for publication and localization (with subtypes language translation and synchronization) workflows. Many topics of workflow customization concern both workflow types and are covered together in the first sections. Publication-/translation-specific customizations are covered in distinct sections afterwards.

All customizations are done in the context of Blueprint extensions for your Studio server and client apps. For the client, both the Main App and the Workflow App need to be taken into consideration. But in general one shared customization module for both client apps is sufficient.

Examples of custom workflow configurations that apply the options described in this chapter can be found in the CoreMedia GitHub repositories for Additional Publication Workflows and for the Global Link Translation Workflow.

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