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Studio Developer Manual / Version 2310

Table Of Contents Adapting Existing Configurations

CoreMedia Blueprint ships with predefined configurations of CKEditor 5, namely instances of ClassicEditor. These configurations are provided in CoreMedia Blueprint package @coremedia-blueprint/​studio-client.​ckeditor5.

In the following you will get a rough sketch, on how to adapt these configurations. For a detailed walkthrough and much more details, have a look at Section, “Customizing ckeditorDefault.ts By Example”.


CoreMedia Content Cloud Upgrade Considerations

In the following you will adapt the file ckeditorDefault.ts that ships with CoreMedia Blueprint. As usual, you the file might being updated when upgrading CoreMedia Content Cloud, which again may cause merge conflicts. Yet, you immediately take benefit from upgrades adding new features, for example.

Having this, you may want to ensure to untangle your customizations a little from the existing configuration. Like, declaring extra toolbar entries in an extra variable, even imported from another file. Choose those options, whichever suit you best.

The CKEditor 5 instance, which is almost used anywhere in CoreMedia Blueprint for editing rich text properties is configured in ckeditorDefault.ts, which is part of package @coremedia-blueprint/​studio-client.​ckeditor5.

Adapting this instance is nearly the same as described in CKEditor 5 documentation such as Quick start. Only remarkable difference: Instead of creating the CKEditor 5 instance directly, a factory method is exposed that is used in rich text property fields to create the desired instance.

And of course, there are subtle requirements such as plugins to install, which are required for editing CoreMedia Rich Text 1.0. You will find an overview of these plugins at Section 10.1.2, “CKEditor 5 CoreMedia Plugins”.

Thus, to add any plugin, just extend the plugins configuration, possibly adapt the toolbar and, if required, provide some configuration for your added plugin.

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