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Studio Developer Manual / Version 2310

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5.5 Web Application Structure

CoreMedia Studio uses a web application for delivering both static content (like the JavaScript code defining the application) and dynamic content stored in the CMS.

Dynamic content is provided by means of a REST service embedded in a Spring web application context. See for details about the Spring framework. In the following section, it is assumed that you know about the essential concepts of the Spring inversion of control (IoC) container.

As described in ????, CoreMedia Studio is assembled from application and component artifacts. To change and extend the default context configuration you can modify the config files application.xml and component-<componentname>.xml and their corresponding property files and component-<componentname>.properties in the /WEB_INF/ file system folder.

You must modify the application context to configure your content validation setup. See Section 9.21.1, “Validators” for the details.

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