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Studio Developer Manual / Version 2310

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9.33.2 Search for Custom Actions

In some situation, it comes in handy to search for a feature instead instead of items. For that reason, the quick search dialog support to register custom actions with keywords and make them searchable. The BlueprintFormsStudioPlugin.ts for example defines the following action:

        new ConfigureQuickSearchPlugin({
  actions: [
      new QuickSearchActionConfiguration({
        svgIcon: preferences,
        label: FrameComponents_properties.PreferenceWindow_title,
        additionalKeywords: [FrameComponents_properties.PreferenceWindow_shortcuts_text,
        action: (): void => {
          new OpenDialogAction({
            dialogDefaults: Config(StudioPreferenceWindow, {}),


Example 9.147. Quick Search Default Configuration

Here, an OpenDialogAction is added to the quick search dialog which should open the preferences dialog. The configuration defines an icon and label that is shown if the search term matches one of the additionalKeywords or the label of the action. The action field configures the function that is called if the user (single) clicks on the search result.

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