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Studio Developer Manual / Version 2310

Table Of Contents Configuring Write Post-processors

A write post-processor is enabled by simply defining a bean in the Spring application context of the Studio web application. The interceptor framework automatically collects all post-processor beans and applies them in order whenever an update is requested. Post-processors with numerically lower priorities are executed first.

For a write post-processor implemented using the class ContentWritePostprocessorBase, the priority is configured through the priority property. Such post-processors also provide the property type, indicating that a post-processor should only run for instances of specific content types.

Furthermore, you need to configure whether the post-processor also applies to instances of subtypes of the given type through the property isPostprocessingSubtypes. Like for validators, this property defaults to false, meaning that post-processing applies only to content items of the exact type.

Each write post-processor may also introduce additional configuration options of its own.

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