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Studio Developer Manual / Version 2310

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3.2 Control Room Configuration

The Control Room consists of the following components:

  • Control Room Plugin is a Studio plugin, which enables users to manage projects, work with workflows, and collaborate by sharing content with other Studio users.

  • User Changes application is a repository listener, which collects content modified by a user working with Studio. To this end, the modified content can be managed in the Control Room plugin as projects, shared and used in workflows, for example.

  • Extensions of the Workflow Server - Control Room comes with adapted workflow definitions that among other things persist finished workflows.



Perform all configurations concerning the User Changes application in the module user-changes-webapp in CoreMedia Blueprint before building or later on during deployment of the User Changes application.

The Control Room stores content sets and finished workflows, commonly specified as collaboration data in a MongoDB or in memory. For the MongoDB solution a MongoDB installation is necessary.



The limit of stored modified content changes is defined by MongoDB's maximum document size (16 MB). Approximately 650000 items can be persisted, when saving content IDs consisting of four digits. When this limit is exceeded, a warning is logged in the user-changes web app and all entries are removed automatically.

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