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9.15.3 Defining List View Columns in Search Mode

The columns in the search mode are similarly configured but instead the property searchListViewColumns is used to list all columns of the search list. CoreMedia Blueprint defines custom columns of the search mode again in the file ConfigureCollectionViewColumnsPlugin:



If you define columns by your own, make sure that the FreshnessColumn is configured because this column will be used as the default sort column. Otherwise, the Studio user will get this error message on the console:

Invalid Saved Search Folder: Can not sort by sortfield freshness. It will be sorted by 'Last Modified' instead.

The freshness column is sortable but hidden. It means that the column will not be shown in the search list by default although freshness is used as the default sort criterion. Hidden columns can be unhidden by the user via the grid header menu.

The ListViewNameColumn, ListViewCreationDateColumn and FreshnessColumn columns are standard columns that can be configured to be sortable without additional configuration. To enable sorting for other columns have a look at Section 9.15.6, “Make Columns Sortable in Search and Repository View”.

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