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9.21.3 Immediate Validation

Write requests that violate hard constraints of your content type model can be aborted when a validator fails. Typical use cases include:

  • Preventing a client from uploading an image that is too large.

  • Making sure that a content item does not link to itself directly.



Blocking writes is not normally useful for text properties, because text values are saved continuously as the user enters data, and a write interceptor might not be able to operate appropriately during the first saves. For blobs or link lists, the impact on the user experience is typically less of a problem. In any case, you need to make sure that the user experience is not impacted negatively.

For implementing immediate validation, you can create an instance of the class ValidatingContentWriteInterceptor as a Spring bean and populate its validators property with a list of PropertyValidator objects. When the validators are configured to report an error issue, an offending write will not be executed (that is, the requested value will not be saved).

A configuration that limits the size of images in the data property of CMPicture content items to 1 Mbyte might look like this (class names are wrapped for layout reasons):

  myValidatingContentWriteInterceptor(MaxBlobSizeValidator myMaxBlobSizeValidator) {

  ValidatingContentWriteInterceptor validatingContentWriteInterceptor =
    new ValidatingContentWriteInterceptor();
  return validatingContentWriteInterceptor;

MaxBlobSizeValidator myMaxBlobSizeValidator() {
  MaxBlobSizeValidator maxBlobSizeValidator =
    new MaxBlobSizeValidator();
  return maxBlobSizeValidator;

Example 9.98. Configuring Immediate Validation

Remember that the validators become active during creation, too, so that an immediate validator might validate initial values set by an earlier write interceptor.

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