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Studio Developer Manual / Version 2310

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10.3.2 Recommended Branch Setup

CoreMedias recommended approach during upgrade development is the following:

  • Integrate often and early with your main development branch (in which CKEditor 4 should be enabled by default).

  • For any steps enabling CKEditor 5, keep track of them in a shell script, so that you can repeat (and test) the upgrade path again and again based on the state of the main development branch.

  • For quality assurance processes, possibly have a parallel branch with CKEditor 5 enabled. This branch is not meant to be merged.

With this points in mind, the following branch setup is recommended for a reimplementation of one of your custom plugins, for example my-custom-plugin, for CKEditor 5:

  • main

  • upgrade-cke5/my-custom-plugin

  • upgrade-cke5/my-custom-plugin-cke5-enabled-nomerge

Once my-custom-plugin is done, merge upgrade-cke5/my-custom-plugin to main, where CKEditor 4 is still enabled by default and delete the now obsolete branch upgrade-cke5/my-custom-plugin-cke5-enabled-nomerge.

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