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Studio Developer Manual / Version 2310

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Content Hub defines a ContentHubType for each Content Hub Object. The ContentHubType defines how a Content Hub Object is displayed within Studio. The ContentHubType is also used by the Content Hub framework to map a ContentHub Item to a CoreMedia ContentType during the import of the item. Each ContentHubObject has a ContentHubType (also folders). This means it is necessary to provide two mappings:

  • External item to ContentHubType mapping

    The first mapping is needed to display the items of an external system in CoreMedia Studio. This mapping is from external Item to ContentHubType. Therefore, you need to implement the method ContentHubObject#getContentHubType. You can also create a hierarchical relationship between the ContentHubTypes which enables you to provide for example icons for a more general type. Per default the ContentHub offers the abstract classes BaseFileSystemHubObject and BaseFileSystemItem that you can use if you implement a file based system. It will analyze the MimeType of an external item and create ContentHubTypes from it. The Content Hub's framework already offers the localization and Icons for MimeType's to ensure a fast Setup.

  • ContentHubType to CoreMedia ContentType Mapping

    The second mapping is needed to import the external items into CoreMedia. Therefore, you need to provide a mapping from ContentHubType to CoreMedia ContentType. Therefore, you need to implement the method ContentHubItem#getCoreMediaContentType. Per default the BaseFileSystemItem provides a functionality for this mapping. You need to provide a Map<ContentHubType, String> to the Item, and it will recursively map the ContentHubType to a CoreMedia ContentType which is represented as String here.

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