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Studio Developer Manual / Version 2310

Table Of Contents Inline Images in Rich Text

By dragging image content items from the library into a rich text field you can create inline images. The content types that are supported for this operation and the image BLOB properties that are accessed to display the images can be configured using the registerRichTextEmbeddableType method of the global editorContext object. You can also use the configureDocumentTypes plugin as shown in the BlueprintFormsStudioPlugin of CoreMedia Blueprint:

new ConfigureDocumentTypes({
        names: "CMPicture,CMImage",
        richTextImageBlobProperty: "data",

new ConfigureDefaultRichTextImageDocumentType({
        defaultRichTextImageType: "CMPicture"

Example 10.36. Inline Images in Rich Text

The previous example also shows how the configureDefaultRichTextImageDocumentType plugin can be used to configure the content type that limits the search when the library is opened using the embedded image button of the rich text toolbar.

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