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Studio Developer Manual / Version 2310

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9.8.1 Built-in Processing of Content and Property Metadata

CoreMedia Studio automatically accesses and interprets content and property metadata in order to connect preview and content form. When the user edits a content property that is mapped to a preview DOM element via metadata, all changes are reflected in the embedded preview, either instantly (for simple content properties like strings) or through automatically reloading the preview.

Moving the mouse cursor over the preview will highlight elements with attached content and/or property metadata. Right-clicking one of these elements in the preview focuses the corresponding form field, if possible. If the clicked element belongs to a content object different from the content object currently displayed in the content form, a context menu is opened that shows a breadcrumb to navigate through the metadata hierarchy down to the clicked content object, and it offers the options to open the content in a new tab or in the library.

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