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Studio Developer Manual / Version 2310

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4.1 Setting Up the Workspace and IDE

Setting Up the Workspace

CoreMedia Content Cloud comes with a fully preconfigured, Maven and pnpm based development workspace. Details on how to get and set up your development environment are described in the [Blueprint Developer Manual]. You will find guidance for the following topics:

  1. Required third-party software, such as Maven and pnpm.

  2. Getting CoreMedia Blueprint.

  3. Installing CoreMedia Blueprint.

  4. Configuring all components.

  5. Building the workspace.

  6. Starting the components.

The recommended development setup is to use the workspace apps/studio-client for client-side changes and apps/studio-server for server-side customizations. For the latter, you may additionally need to change shared code in workspace shared/middle or, in rare cases, shared/common.

Setting Up the IDE

Once you have set up the workspace, you may configure your IDE as described in Chapter 7, Developing with the Studio Client Workspace.

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