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Studio Developer Manual / Version 2310

Table Of Contents Customizing Labels and Icons

The properties file ContentHub_properties.ts contains the label and icon values for adapter folders and items. New entries can simply be added by overriding this file. The Content Hub will always try to lookup an existing icon or type name mapping in the resource bundles first. If no match is found, the technical name or a default name will be displayed, depending on the ContentHubType.

The file expects entries with the following format:

adapter_type_<ADAPTER_FACTORY_ID>_name : "<TYPE_LABEL>",
adapter_type_<ADAPTER_FACTORY_ID>_icon : CoreIcons_properties.<KEY_FOR_ICON>,

For icon values, CoreMedia recommends to use the existing CoreIcons resource. If a null value is returned for the getName() method of the ContentHubAdapterType interface, this name property will be used instead. If no such property has been defined, the factoryId will be used as tree node name instead.

folder_type_<ADAPTER_FOLDER_TYPE>_name : "<TYPE_LABEL>",
folder_type_<CONTENTHUB_TYPE>_icon : CoreIcons_properties.<KEY_FOR_ICON>,

Folders have their own type attribute, which allows modifying the icon and label for folders. The label Folder and the folder icon are the default values for Content Hub folders.

item_type_<CONTENTHUB_TYPE>_name : "<TYPE_LABEL>",
item_type_<CONTENTHUB_TYPE>_icon : CoreIcons_properties.<KEY_FOR_ICON>,

If no icon is found for the given item type (and the item type is not a CoreMedia content type), the Content Hub will try to use the entity's name suffix (file suffix) to resolve a matching icon. If no match is found, the property Item_icon will be used as fallback.

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