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Studio Developer Manual / Version 2310

Table Of Contents Best Practice: ckeditorDefault.ts

It is recommended, to have a look into ckeditorDefault.ts in the package @coremedia-blueprint/​studio-client.​ckeditor5 as best practice for providing additional custom configurations.

It contains examples such as how to localize CKEditor 5 and its plugins at configuration time (see Section, “Localizing CKEditor 5”) as well as recommended plugin configurations to provide the best compatibility to CoreMedia Rich Text 1.0 edited with previous versions of CoreMedia Content Cloud (see, for example, Section “Alignment Configuration” and Section “Image Styles Configuration”).

To change the default, for example, to add plugins provided by CKEditor 5, just adapt ckeditorDefault.ts according to your needs. For a possible approach see Section, “Customizing ckeditorDefault.ts By Example”.

To start with a new configuration to be used in dedicated contexts, take ckeditorDefault.ts as boilerplate to copy and adapt and eventually register and use. For a possible approach see Section, “Providing New Configurations”.

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