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9.27.4 Content Hub Object Preview

Content Hub offers a preview for ContentHub Items and Folders in the library. Selecting a Content Hub Object will show this customizable Preview.

A preview is structured into so called sections. A section will be displayed as a Collapsible Panel within Studio. A section has a header and can be filled with so called elements that consist of key value pairs. An element can display data in form of blob (Picture), Calendar and String. The data is shown in key value pairs. The keys can be localized, or marked as non localizable (for example, if the Content Hub Object name should appear as a label for a preview picture).

If no preview is defined, the ContentHubType Icon, and the Content Object's name will be shown as default preview.

The last section is called Located In and shows a list of CoreMedia Content, that was imported from the selected Content Hub Item. This list is not configurable and will only be shown for Content Hub Items, as folders cannot be imported.

Thumbnail Preview

Additionally to the customizeable Preview, every implementation of Content Hub Objects can override the method getThumbnailBlob. This URL will be used to render a preview thumbnail of each item inside the Studio library's thumbnail view.

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