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A ScoreBarFeedbackItem renders a colored score bar with the actual and maximum value. They are created trough method ScoreBarFeedbackItem.builder.

Example of a ScoreBarFeedbackItem

Figure 9.15. Example of a ScoreBarFeedbackItem

Property Type Default Value Description
collection String null The sub tab the panel should be rendered too.
title String null The title of the panel.
help String null Help text that, if set, will be rendered as a help icon next to the title.
label String null The label that is shown above the bar.
value float 0 The value of the score.
maxValue float 0 The maximum value of the bar.
color String null If set, the whole bar will be rendered with this color. The reverseColors attribute is ignored in this case.
reverseColors boolean false If true, the color of the bar be reversed (green to red).
decimalPlaces float 0 The number of decimal places to be rendered for the value.

Table 9.13.  FeedbackItem ScoreBarFeedbackItem

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