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Studio Developer Manual / Version 2310

Table Of Contents Developing Write Post-processors

In order to post process write requests as described above, create a class implementing the interface ContentWritePostprocessor. Alternatively, your class can also inherit from ContentWritePostprocessorBase, which already defines methods to configure the content type to which the write interceptor applies, and the priority at which the interceptor runs compared to other applicable interceptors.

This leaves only the method postProcess(WriteReport<Content>) to be implemented in custom code. The argument of the postProcess method provides access to all information needed for post processing the current request, which is either an update request or a create request.

The method getEntity() returns the content on which an update request has been executed. A write interceptor may use this method to determine the context of a write request.

The method getOverwrittenProperties() of the WriteReport object returns a map from property names to the values that have been overwritten during the write request. The new values can be retrieved as the current property value of the content returned from the method getEntity().

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