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Studio Developer Manual / Version 2310

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9.26.3 Workflow Fields

CoreMedia Studio comes with predefined forms to start publication and translation workflows (Control Room) and to work with running publication and translation workflows (Workflow App). It is not possible to define custom workflow forms from scratch. Instead, the WorkflowPlugin API allows to extend the predefined forms.

It is here where the type parameter of a WorkflowPlugin<M> is used. The plugin has a form extension for both the start workflow form and the running workflow form. Both extensions define extra fields for workflow forms and the values of all these fields stem from a view model. The type parameter of a WorkflowPlugin<M> refers to the type of the view model. The plugin has the two parameters WorkflowPlugin#startWorkflowFormExtension<M> and WorkflowPlugin#runningWorkflowFormExtension<M>. So both work with the same view model type.

As a running example, the form extensions for the Global Link Translation Workflow are used.

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