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Studio Developer Manual / Version 2310

Table Of Contents Studio Integration: Service Agent

CoreMedia Studio integrates CKEditor 5 instances of ClassicEditor. These instances are loosely coupled with CoreMedia Studio via the serviceAgent as provided by the @coremedia/​service-agent npm pacakge.

The services are registered in @coremedia-blueprint/​studio-client.​main.​ckeditor5-plugin and contain, for example:

  • StudioContentDisplayService: Responsible for resolving content-references to their names or corresponding type icons.

  • StudioBlobDisplayService: Responsible for resolving BLOB property references to either images to render inline in CKEditor 5 or placeholder icons for audio BLOBs, for example.

Thus, there is no direct communication from CoreMedia Studio to CKEditor 5 and vice versa. If you require information from Studio, we recommend a similar approach.

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