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9.15.1 Defining List View Columns in Repository Mode

The list view of the library window is implemented using an Ext JS grid panel. A grid panel aggregates columns that refer to fields of an underlying store. For adding a new column, you usually have to add both a column definition and a field definition.

To define columns specify a ConfigureListViewPlugin and use it in a StudioPlugin. In the CoreMedia Blueprint the class ConfigureCollectionViewColumnsPlugin specifies a ConfigureListViewPlugin with column definitions you have to edit if additional columns are needed. ConfigureCollectionViewColumnsPlugin is then used in BlueprintFormsStudioPlugin. If you do not use the CoreMedia Blueprint take the class ConfigureCollectionViewColumnsPlugin as an example.

The property repositoryListViewColumns in ConfigureListViewPlugin lists all columns that should be displayed (not just the ones you want to add to the default) in the repository mode. Some columns in this example use predefined components from the Editor SDK, whereas some special columns use just a configured Ext JS standard grid column.

The ListViewTypeColumn, ListViewNameColumn, ListViewStatusColumn ListViewCreationDateColumn, and FreshnessColumn columns represent the standard columns that would be present without additional configuration (id and width of the column has to be defined if necessary), displaying a content item's type, name, lifecycle status, date of creation, and modification date, respectively. These columns can be made sortable by setting the attribute sortable to true. To enable sorting for other columns have a look at Section 9.15.6, “Make Columns Sortable in Search and Repository View”.

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