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8.1 Configuring Connections

CoreMedia Studio's Server application needs to be connected with the Content Management Server to access the repository and with the preview CAE to show the preview of the opened form. If you use CoreMedia Blueprint, everything is already configured properly for your local workspace. If you use a distributed environment you have to adapt the following properties:

Connecting with the Content Server

When you start the Studio server Spring Boot application (apps/studio-server/spring-boot/studio-server-app) with mvn spring-boot:run during development, you can configure the connection by supplying the arguments -Drepository.url=CONTENTSERVER_IOR at the command line. Alternatively, you can configure the connection in the application[-local].properties file in the src/main/resources directory. Use the repository.url property for the host and port of your Content Server, respectively.

Refer to the [Developer Manual] to learn about building deployable artifacts.

Connecting with the Editorial Comments Database

In the same way you can configure the repository.url you can configure the Editorial Comments Database. When starting with mvn spring-boot:run you can append the argument or -Deditorial.comments.datasource.url=DATASOURCE_URL if the complete datasource URL has to be rewritten. The same is possible in the application[-local].properties.

Connecting with the Preview CAE

When you start the Studio server application locally during development, you can configure the connection to the preview CAE in the application[-local].properties file in the src/main/resources directory of studio-server-app. Simply change the value of the property studio.previewUrlPrefix to the URL prefix of your CAE.

The property studio.previewControllerPattern contains the configurable preview controller pattern. If it is empty or not defined, then Studio will use the default preview controller pattern preview?id={0}. If you want to use simple numeric IDs instead, then you can configure in the file as follows: studio.previewControllerPattern=preview?id={1}. The placeholder 0 and 1 are representing the CoreMedia ID and the numeric ID, respectively.

Note that Elastic Social users and user comments do not have numeric IDs. Hence, you should configure preview?id={0}. However, when using preview?id={1}, the placeholder 1 is replaced with the non-numeric ID as well and the preview application has to handle this special case or will fail to deliver.

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