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Studio Developer Manual / Version 2310

Table Of Contents General Rich Text Support Plugin

The plugin General Rich Text Support (“GRS”) ensures that any valid CoreMedia Rich Text 1.0 text, especially attributes, can be loaded into CKEditor 5. It does not provide any editing features, but only registers elements, attributes and attribute values, which are not yet supported by corresponding editing and/or data-processing features. Having this, yet unknown elements and attributes are not removed when loaded from server. For stricter behavior, just allowing elements and attributes, which you can edit in CKEditor 5 you may want to skip installing this plugin.


When To Remove The Plugin

If you want to ensure, that, for example, on copy & paste between property editors all elements are removed, which cannot be created in the target editor, you should remove this plugin (or replace integration of the Studio Essentials Plugin by only the Rich Text Plugin).

Removing the plugin will disallow any of these unknown elements to appear in CKEditor 5 and subsequently in stored CoreMedia Rich Text 1.0 property value.

Note though, that this will also trigger removing such unknown elements when they are read from server. For example, because they got created by API calls or in other client applications. Such clean-up will be applied as soon as editors start changing the text.

GRS is based on General HTML Support (“GHS”) provided by CKEditor 5.

The plugin is bundled in the npm package @coremedia/​ckeditor5-coremedia-richtext-support. For more details regarding this plugin consult CoreMedia CKEditor 5 Plugin: General Rich Text Support.

The plugin is part of Studio Essentials Plugin.

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