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9.26.2 Workflow Steps

Most workflows have several steps to go through. They, of course, need to be configured for the process definition of a custom workflow, but in addition, some of them need to be configured for the Studio client.

In the context of process definitions, the term "workflow step" does not exist. Only tasks (possibly with entry and exit actions) can be defined. The term "workflow step" is used from a Studio client perspective in this section. Workflow steps are of course closely tied to workflow tasks but they are not synonymous.

In a nutshell, a workflow step needs to be configured for the Studio client part of a custom workflow whenever the user is required to decide between several options of how the workflow should proceed. The result of this decision might in some cases directly be the follow-up task. In other cases the result might be a value that is set to a process variable and the follow-up task is only determined after some additional computation.

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