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9.18.1 Concept

The following figure illustrates the concept of content form tab reusability.

Premular Reusability (For A Reusability Limit Of 2 For Articles)

Figure 9.6. Premular Reusability (For A Reusability Limit Of 2 For Articles)

A WorkArea Tab Proxy is a lightweight representative of an actual WorkArea Premular. It basically just displays the title of its content item and otherwise has or does not have an active association with a real Premular. These proxies are what the Studio user perceives as the currently opened WorkArea tabs. However, under the hood there are possibly fewer tabs present in the WorkArea. Instead, Premulars are reused to display multiple content items over the course of a Studio session. For each content type, a reusability limit can be configured that limits the amount of actual Premulars for content items of this type.

The figure shows the case where the limit is 2 for articles. After the user opens the two articles A and B, the two created tab proxies are each associated with a corresponding WorkArea Premular. When the user opens the third article C, reusability takes place. No new Premular is created. Instead, the least recently used one is reused, which is the tab that currently holds the content for A. This Premular gets filled with its new content for C. When the user switches back to article A, the Premular currently holding the content of B is reused and filled with the content for A. So no matter how many more articles the user opens, there will only be more proxies but no more real Premulars than 2. Only if the user would open a content item of a different type (say, a picture) a new Premular would be created.

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